The Second Coming of Christ: Will We Even Acknowledge Him?

A examine of astrological ages results in the conclusion that the spiritual prophesy in regards to the Second Coming of Christ might be very actual. And if he did return, there may be concern that we would not acknowledge him.

The only most necessary facet of Christ’s ministry in Palestine was the drama across the Jewish refusal to just accept him because the Messiah. This refusal led to his crucifixion, and a subsequent hatred inside Christendom of the Jewish Individuals for many of this age. The query that arises, was this simply prejudice on the a part of the Jews, or was there another purpose, one which has significance for us at this time. The Jewish lack of ability to acknowledge Christ the primary time may simply grow to be our personal Christian lack of ability to acknowledge the Second Coming when that occurs.

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The Age of Aries lasted from 2160 to zero BCE. Aries guidelines conflict, and the religions of this age had been warrior hero religions, epitomized within the Greek warrior faith of Mount Olympus, with nice heroes and warring gods and goddesses. Our personal Previous Testomony faith additionally honors the warrior hero, with nice Hebrew warrior/heroes akin to Samson and David, and warrior prophets akin to Elijah who slew Canaanite monks along with his naked arms. The Promised Land was a land conquered by God, in Aries warrior trend, main his military of Chosen Individuals in opposition to the indigenous Canaanites.

The final 2000 years have been the Age of Pisces, courting from zero BCE to 2160 CE. Pisces guidelines spirituality and transcendence. These qualities introduced with it the Pisces religious splendid of the guru, saint and sage changing the older warrior hero. Religions of transcendence, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism amongst others, have grow to be worldwide, and have changed smaller native pagan religions in significance. Forward is the Age of Aquarius, the place New Age and New Thought beliefs of humanism, self-help affirmations, the regulation of attraction, science and know-how will reign supreme. Science and know-how have already changed faith because the evolutionary thrust for many of the fashionable world. How does this have an effect on the prophecy of the return of the Christ?

When Christ started his ministry in Israel, he did so at a change of astrological ages, a complicated time of paradigm shift. The Jewish folks, particularly the spiritual authorities, the Pharisees and Sadducees, wouldn’t or couldn’t settle for him because the Messiah. Now we have historically been fast to evaluate them for his or her brief sightedness, their greed or want to hold onto their spiritual energy. However there may be extra to this. The Jewish folks couldn’t see Jesus as a result of the indicators surrounding his ministry didn’t match with the anticipated indicators by which individuals in every single place come to acknowledge the arrival of prophetic figures.

After 2200 years of an Aries warrior religious paradigm, everybody had fairly naturally come to count on that the Messiah would arrive as an Aries warrior hero who would lead the Jewish folks to stand up in opposition to the hated Roman rulers, and create their very own religious empire. When Christ confirmed himself as a Pisces savior, in response to the brand new Age of Pisces, preaching humility, and giving to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, he disenchanted Jewish expectations in an enormous and disheartening method. They simply couldn’t reconcile the variations.

What does this need to do with the attainable arrival of the Christ at this time? We expect a Pisces Savior at a time when the signal Aquarius is ready to grow to be the dominating vitality for the long run. The Second Coming will possible put on Aquarian costume and symbolism primarily hiding the true nature of this prophesied occasion. Aquarius guidelines science and know-how, a system of thought that flies within the face of non secular prophecy and that’s seemingly against something religious.


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